Mirsad Hasić
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Pages: 210

What They Never Told You About the 5:2 Diet PlanIf you're serious about losing weight, you have probably been looking through the most popular diets of the day recently. If so, you would surely have come across the "5:2 Diet Plan" on your journey, and got to read some of the many reviews from people who have either tried it, or continue to work it into their lives; to great effect mostly. The 5:2 Diet is an eating lifestyle that seems to have a very prevalent following, and for good reason. Not only are people reporting how they managed to shed dozens of excess pounds with the 5:2 Diet, but most disclose that this weight loss happened in a relatively short period of time too. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows for everyone, and the 5:2 Diet is certainly not without its critics as you may have found out. See, there is a flip side to these success stories, and that is the ...
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