Sydney Arthur
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 48

Surviving Emotional AbuseHow to Help Yourself or Someone You Love in a Dangerous SituationEmotional abuse may not get as much press as physical abuse but it can be a lot more damaging. Emotional wounds may never properly heal and staying with an emotional abuser will erode all your sense of self and your sense of self-worth. Over time, you will feel worthless and will doubt your ability to even make decisions on your own. Leaving is hard, but often it is the only way.I have drawn on my own experience of living with an emotional abuser for 9 years to give you very practical tips to identify and deal with this kind of situation. When I was doing my research, I was amazed at how much I recognized from my own situation. I am going to help you learn to deal with this situation and also give practical examples of what I experienced as well.The simple truth is that an emotional abuser really ...
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