Kevin W. Shorter
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 292

For more quotes: check out the second edition...Prayer is not hard; it's a conversation. People of every culture and of every age group can do this. We make it harder with misunderstandings of what God wants, who He is, and how He views us. The desire of this book is to gather nuggets of wisdom from people who have spent time with God and journaled their findings. These quotes are intended to inspire us to continue our journey and fan the flame of passion to spend time with God.This book has been categorized by topics to help the ease of use. However, as this is an electronic file, you can also use the search function to find quotes by author or specific words. I understand there are differing views on prayer, so I did my best to include all the main thoughts on prayer. You may come across some with which you disagree - keep reading, with over 2,500 quotes from 400 authors you will find ...
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