Alexander Collas
ASIN: B010Q74LM4
Publisher: Death Nail Media
Pages: 214

I was a writer. Keith is my name. Thanks to a cab I am Dead Touring Hell Work for Lucifer and Blog about my Travels Seriously, how could things get worse...Keith wakes on what should have been the best day of his life. Then on the way to sign the deal for his first book, he steps off the curb in New York City, and BAM.. hit by a cab. When he wakes for the second time that day, he finds himself sitting by a river dead, yes dead. Quickly he learns he is not only sentenced to Hell, but they have been waiting for him. Lucifer, The Dark Lord, has decided the living need to know about his domain, Dante's version being out of date, and there begins Keith's new job as Hell’s journalist. Not exactly the big gig he'd been hoping for. Left with no choice, Lucifer orders Keith to tour every plane, from The Planes of Judgement all the way down to The Great Planes where Pandemonium, Hell's capitol ...
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