Ged Gillmore
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 260

"Laugh-aloud funny, quirky and original." -- Buzzword Books__________________________________________Watch Out!!! This book is so funny you'll probably pee your pants laughing.Tuck and Ginger are two cats who get on each other's nerves. But they need to pause the claws if they're to escape from the high-rise apartment where they are trapped. And escape they must, for their kidnappers - Rodney and Janice Burringo - are warty wicked witches who want to use Tuck and Ginger's body parts to build the best witches' cat in the world: a black Purrari.Tuck, who's a few granules short of a litter-tray, and Ginger, a cynical street fighter gone to seed, must overcome their differences and survive a list of unlikely adventures if they're to escape alive from the beastly Burringos and their deadly spell before it's too late...__________________________________________  "Such a funny read for ...
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