Patty Seitz
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 208

They met in the 1890s when Harrison Limric was a typical 2-year-old toddler, seeing what he thought was a doll on the bed that he threw on a rug, finding out before he could stop that it was a real baby. Even then, he only wanted to play with “him,” not understanding babies can’t play the way little boys can. From that moment on, he would protect and care for this infant girl. They would play, walk home from school together, and he would slowly come to love Ella Mae Selzer who would never know love from her own mother. He would court her, marry her, build her a house with his own two hands. They would raise three beautiful daughters through laughter, heartache, struggles, music, and many Sunday dinners. It was a true love that would last through 59 years of marriage. As you read their story, you will learn what comes from faith, love, and family.If you read A Life Unplanned, then you ...
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