Jason Ryan Dale
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 100

A Sunny Day at the Beach Can Hide Dark SecretsSunshine Sam's was the hottest joint on the Jersey Shore. The rich and powerful partied side by side with bus drivers and soda jerks, all of them moving to the outlaw music called “rock and roll.” While future legends blasted away on stage, every kind of delight was at hand on the dance floor for a few dollars or just the right kind of smile. To Marty, a poor kid from a farm town, Sunshine Sam's was more than just a playground. It was the only school he would ever need. Then one day, Sunshine Sam's closed it's doors. Nobody knew why. The most lucrative nightclub on the East Coast just folded up with not one breath of warning. Fifty years later, Marty has returned to the Jersey Shore. Now an old man, he is the only one left who knows the secrets of Sunshine Sam's. The spilled blood and broken dreams follow him around like ghosts. Gorgeous ...
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