Wayne Davies
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Pages: 115

Do you sometimes lack the desire to read the Bible? Are there days when it is a struggle to open The Book? What should a Christian do when your motivation for Bible study is less than it should be? Perhaps you need a gentle reminder of the many blessings God has promised to the one who reads and studies the Word regularly.There are many wonderful reasons to read God’s Word. “Top 10 Reasons to Read the Bible Today” will show you 10 of the most compelling reasons to spend quality time in the Word every day. With straightforward teaching and loving encouragement, best-selling author Wayne Davies presents the life-changing benefits of daily Bible reading.Stronger faith. Greater joy. More peace. We all long for these. And God wants to shower them upon us in increasing measure. When we study the Bible consistently, that’s exactly what you will experience!Perhaps you are a new believer ...
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