Gemma Rice
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 281

With her intuition banging on her last nerve Holly knows something is wrong, she can sense it. Trusting her instincts she increases her self-defense training. Life with Sean is good, but then she finds out about the nasty little gifts her secret admirer has been leaving for her at daybreak. Instantly life is menacing again and her heightened fear tunes her into a level akin to clairvoyance, communing with the dead when they sense her approach. She needs her family and has June over to prepare for Christmas, her heart sister giving her peace and stability. Unlike every other Christmas of her twenty-eight years, this is one she'll never forget. It's so much darker, her pain is so extreme it can only be measured with the Richter scale. Sometimes agony is a gift, pain is a cocoon, you aren't the same when you emerge out the other side of suffering. Holly is familiar with darkness and uses ...
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