J.M. Downey
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 194

Paul Smith has settled into a quiet life in the mountains of Georgia with his wife and children as he heads up a burgeoning prison ministry. His life is pleasant; however, a threat from his past knocks at his door, seeking to reclaim his heir. When a new politician outwits Paul’s father and captures the presidency, a fight between two powers ensues, as each tries to gain control of the United States. This new President seeks Paul’s help in trying to put his father behind bars, but is he trustworthy or does he have his own dark secrets? When Paul’s father strikes out at him to make him once again take on the role of William Wilkerson, Paul faces several new challenges and decisions. Will he be able to stand for the Lord and maintain his faith – even if it costs him what he cherishes most on this earth – his precious wife?
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