Petra Pulido
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 39

The Crochet Guidebook: Your In-Depth Guide To This HobbyCrochet is a technique used to create fabric with interesting patterns. The fabrics are created from a single long strand of thread and a crochet hook. This technique is used in creating laces and it has been popular during the late 17th century. Today, crocheting is considered as a hobby and there are many guilds or groups dedicated to this particular craft.To date, there are hundreds of types of stitching techniques developed by crochet hobbyists thus there are many types of items that can be created with this technique such as socks, mittens, doilies, table runners and even sweaters. If you are planning to start this hobby, then you need the right guidebook to help you understand this technique better. This book will serve as your guide on how to crochet even if you are just a novice.With this book, you will be able to know ...
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