Sarah Lawrence
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Pages: 52

Grab Your Copy Of Photography Basics By Author Sarah Lawrence Photography Basics: Questions Young Adults and Teens Need Answered. Are You Thinking of Starting a Hobby as a Photographer? Or want to freelance part time? Photography is a Wonderful Art or Craft, and can be turned into a fulfilling Career. If you are just starting out it is necessary to know the best Cameras to use, and the best techniques to get the most Satisfactory results. What you can get on a low budget, The most Professional Cameras that will achieve Magazine Quality Photos.These are all inside this book, . And will give a thorough A to Z about anything Photography in the most Basic Way.1– Camera Terms & Definitions Chapter 2 – Lenses Chapter 3 – Filters Chapter 4 – Composition – Lighting, Frames & Focus Chapter 5 – Three Pillars of Photography – Shutter Speed, Aperture & ISO Sensitivity Chapter 6 – ...
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