Paul Heingarten
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 26

Kyle, 17, wants to believe what he’s been taught all his life: he and the chosen kids in his colony have been training to work the Harvest, producing the only food the world will soon have. But another colony kid, Devora, has learned just what the Harvest is, and is hell bent on saving Kyle and the other kids from lies they’ve all been fed.Devora isn’t new to being a spectacle. A castoff with no parents, she’s no stranger to colony punishments. Even Allie, Devora’s bunk mate, would be in much worse shape if not for Kyle’s help with instruction classes and physical training. Allie joins Devora’s cause and tries to enlist Kyle.Devora and Allie… two troublemakers. Or are they?As Kyle nears graduation, things begin to unravel as Devora disappears from the colony. Then, his bunk mate vanishes, only to return badly beaten. Desperate for answers, he receives only calculated ...
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