Thomas Kelley
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 56

Have you ever wanted a quick hot meal and grabbed a pack of ramen noodles? Have you ever wanted to pep up your pack of ramen noodles? What if you had a ramen cookbook with many creative ramen noodle recipes? This ramen cookbook shows you creative ways to turn your boring noodles into enticing meals. No longer will you want to just prepare your ramen the same way ever again. This ramen cookbook features 25 super easy ramen noodle recipes that everyone can make. You will be surprised at how many ways you can turn that pack of noodles in something so much more filling than you ever expected. These ramen recipes are affordable and if you are on a budget or like to get the best value for your money then this cookbook is definitely for you.Whether ramen noodles are a fave or just your go to meal when you don’t have much time to prepare a meal. These ramen recipes will come in handy for those ...
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