Mz. Demeanor
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 224

They say tough times don’t last but tough people do. Mona-Lisa and Delano have had their share of ups and downs but their bond was unbreakable. However, the storm is far from over as they struggle to become untangled from the lies they fell victim to in the beginning. Just when Marissa was trying to put her life back together, karma came back around and dealt her a hand that she may have to throw in. Will Mona-Lisa and Delano be able to stand the pressure of a love that’s been nothing but drama from day one, or will they finally have to call it quits? Will Marissa be forgiven so that she can move on, or is she left standing on the other side? Since fighting for his life, Todd has come to realize the error of his ways. Without anyone in his corner, all he can rely on are his old methods and hope they don’t become his last ones. The tension mounts on the streets of Atlanta for the ...
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