Renee Pawlish
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 251

Voted #1 Best Indie Book of 2015 by!Amazon #1 Bestselling Author - over 1 million books in circulation.The past and the present collide with stunning results in the latest Reed Ferguson mystery.Potential client Brad Webb asks Denver private investigator Reed Ferguson to look into the decades-old murder of Brad’s grandfather, Dewey Webb. Dewey was a Denver-based private detective who died mysteriously in 1955, and although Reed is intrigued, he doesn't see much promise in solving the case. After all, the police didn't find Dewey's killer at the time, and seventy years have passed, leaving a cold trail. However, Reed accepts the case, and as he is drawn back into both the underworld and the elite society of 1950s Denver, he realizes that Dewey had discovered secrets that someone still wants to keep hidden today, even if it means resorting to murder. Can Reed piece together ...
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