Wayne Perkins
Publisher: Wayne F. Perkins ePublishing
Pages: 290

A young Army Air Force recruit, a farm boy, a postal worker a young mother, a nurse and a goof off, use their unique skills to fight and win World War II. The war is fought at home and in the stormy Pacific skies.On December 7, 1941 a high school senior, Fran Perkins wakes up in his Chicago home to talk about Christmas shopping with older brothers Jim and Bob. As Fran’s father, a combat veteran of World War I, turns on the large console radio to listen to music, there is an announcement the Japanese Armed Forces are bombing Pearl Harbor and World War II begins in the United States. Fran and his two brothers enlist the next day to fight the war so their younger brothers Edward and Raymond won’t have to fight.This is the true story of Fran Perkins and the crew of the Daisy Mae, a B-24 Bomber flying and fighting in the skies over the Pacific Ocean. Nicknamed the Hawaiian Air Force, the ...
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