Diane Queenston
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 29

Sir Douglas is a knight in medieval Britain. He’s been given a castle in the hills of Wales to keep the local aristocracy in check. But a savage beast has been killing the sheep his people raise in the mountains where he’s the law. He’s a handsome man whose father is trying to arrange a suitable match to propagate their line.Wulfsdottir is the only daughter of a Viking warrior. He’s taught her everything she needs to know to survive on a raid. Now she’s deep inside enemy territory searching for a legendary city of gold. She’s a big woman who was never been bested in hand-to-hand combat.Sir Douglas has led a hunting party consisting of himself and two squires into the mountains searching for the murderous beast. He’s tracked the creature to its lair when the chatelaine of his castle arrives to tell him the Vikings have landed on the coast. He sends his two squires back to ...
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