Lory Lilian
Publisher: Lory Lilian
Pages: 406

Two powerful characters—Elizabeth and Darcy—enter bravely into a marriage forced by strange circumstances in which they must fight pride, prejudice, fears, and misunderstandings with hope, strength, and determination.Trapped together in the same house, they have no other path except the difficult one through a storm of old and new feelings as they struggle to discover their own passion, love, and happiness.Blurb: The morning after the Netherfield Ball, Fitzwilliam Darcy is ready to leave Hertfordshire, taking his friend Bingley away from the lady of his choice and distancing himself from her sister, who has disturbed his tranquility for weeks.The path, meant to lead him away, unexpectedly brings him close to the person he most wants to avoid, and saving Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s life becomes not only his immediate goal but also a decision that affects his future. A strong and ...
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