Steven Allan Pease
Publisher: Steven Allan Pease
Pages: 343

Volume One: The Threat of the Wolfkang Clan. (342 Pages)In a hidden valley of Maine surrounded by mountains, a small group of orphans follow secret clues that may lead to pirate treasure. The orphans discover a secret room in the basement of their old orphanage where clues lead them on a journey of discovery about who built the orphanage they live in. In this book series ‘The Adventure of Rocky and the Bear Claw Club: The Legend of the Pirate Blackbear’s Lost Gold Pinecone’ you will learn that danger is coming to the Valley of Bearton. The main character Rocky and his friends have no idea that they are being prepared to face what is coming. In a valley surrounded by un-passable snow covered mountains of Maine the hidden location of the Pirate Blackbear’s lost colony has kept the secret of pirate treasure and the truth of what happened to the original colonists for almost two ...
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