David VanDyke
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 409

When oppression by the Unionist-dominated federal government becomes intolerable, the Republic of Texas secedes from the United States. As the Unionists respond with immediate violence, Daniel Markis and Spooky Nguyen send Reaper and Skull on missions to help the fledgling nation survive in the face of overwhelming odds. Can they win through to establish a haven for Edens on North American soil? Or shall the world edge further into darkness?Battles rage in the air, on the ground and in the shadows in this apocalyptic technothriller, book 4 of the Plague Wars series.Plague Wars: Decade One- The Eden Plague - Reaper's Run- Skull's Shadows- Eden's Exodus- Apocalypse Austin- Nearest NightPlague Wars: Alien Invasion- The Demon Plagues- The Reaper Plague- The Orion Plague- Cyborg Strike- Comes the Destroyer- Forge and SteelRyan King's Land of Tomorrow series:- Glimmer of Hope (FREE in ebook ...
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