Maureen King
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 54

FREE DOWNLOAD: Oct. 21 (UNITY DAY), Oct. 31 (Halloween), Nov. 26 (US Thanksgiving), AND Nov. 30 (Cyber Monday)Select, "BUY for $0.00." Be well!This book was shared with Elem. & middle school counselors at the 2018 Annual Conference of the California Association of School Counselors. There were 500+ Free Downloads during ASCA.1 Award-Winning Illustrator + 1 Delightful Story for All Ages + 2 Super Power Stress Management Techniques + Many Tips for Parents, Educators, and Mental Health Professionals = I Don't Want to Go to Kindergarten...I'll Miss You Toooo Much!Learn to empower kids of all ages with a simple, life-changing skill. Don't let the title fool you. "Powering-Up" helps us deal with challenging situations including being bullied, starting kindergarten OR college, and more. The jaw-dropping activity in the book provides proof that our body instantly changes based on our thoughts. ...
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