Jett Lang
ASIN: B012E57998
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 305

New Paradise. A place where the CEOs of the last human bastions keep the employed populace in line with mercenary security forces and shadowy assassins. Living or dead, people are the same to them. Here in this sin city, the dead are the safest among humanity—it is the living that struggle.Queen had it good: a high-rise apartment and a five thousand credit bed, a job she loved and a great paycheck. But when her mission to liquidate a family of would-be terrorists ends in tragedy, she loses everything. As she tries to recover from joblessness and uncertainty with a foul-mouthed pilot named Jack, the cost of her failure sees her embroiled in a brutal vengeance play between the city-states' powerful corporate leaders. The Liquidation Order is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller that journeys through a dark, indifferent society and sees Queen battling renegade machines, slavers ...
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