Abraham Steele
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 213

From the bestselling author of Fated Dates and Illicit Mates...Edmund Knox is an upstanding citizen, a devoted father, and the alpha of a large urban shifter pack. He came out of the closet when he got divorced, but his numerous responsibilities haven't allowed him to date in recent years. No, he isn't lonely - or at least, he'd never admit to that kind of weakness.When Edmund gets a little too controlling about his daughter's love life, the rebellious teen realizes he might be less uptight if he had a love life of his own. Taking matters into her own hands, she writes to the Fated Date Agency pretending to be Edmund.Normally, the agency lets shifters contact their matches over email. But Edmund Knox isn't a normal shifter. For an alpha of his stature, the agency is going to take a more hands-on approach. By the time Edmund finds out what his daughter did, it's too late to stop the ...
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4 stars from 36 ratings
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