John Gardner
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 414

It is the opening night of the Shireston Festival Company's new season.A season which began for Douglas Silver way back in the summer when the trustees responsible for the Festival appointed him Director with a free hand and a generous budget.This was also when he met and seduced the beautiful Carol Evans, a very talented actress...Convinced that the Shakespearian dramas mirror the problems that beset modern society, Douglas feels sure that by presenting Shakespeare in a radically new light he will rescue Shireston from the obscurity into which it has gradually sunk over the years. Slowly he recruits his ideal actors to put on a unique and stunning set of Shakespearean shows with the leery night club entertainer Joe Thomas in the role of Othello and a casting the Capulets as a black family.Hoping to continue his love affair, he casts Carol as Juliet but each actor takes a huge risk in ...
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