Steven A. McKay
ASIN: B0131K97JA
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 332

"This is the best Robin Hood you are ever going to encounter." Professor Andrew Latham, author of The Holy LanceSir Guy of Gisbourne is back! Bent on vengeance against Robin Hood and with a turncoat new lieutenant in tow, an unlikely new hero must stand up for herself... YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND - 1323 AD The greenwood has been quiet and the outlaws have become complacent, but the harsh reality of life is about to hit the companions with brutal, deadly force thanks to their old foe, Prior John de Monte Martini. From a meeting with King Edward II himself to the sheriff's tournament with its glittering prize, the final, fatal, showdown fast approaches for the legendary Wolf's Head. New friends, shattered loyalties, and a hate-fuelled hunter that threatens to wipe out not only Robin's companions but his entire family will all play their part in the RISE OF THE WOLF.
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