Jordan Taylor
ASIN: B0131OJ6W4
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Pages: 250

Hollywood in the early 1930s: audiences flock to the cinema to forget breadlines, hobos, and Black Tuesday. And one dog is here to help…. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ “No.” Again, Pierce cut McKenney off. “Not that one. We set up lights on that dog. We see that dog in the distance. We see that dog at night. That dog’s a lemon.” “They’re all purebred police dogs, Mr. Pierce. They have the same—” “That one.” He jerked his head at Rebel. “We’ll use him today. By tomorrow, our star better be back in business.” McKenney swallowed. His eyes darted to Rebel in the box. “He’s only for fight scenes. He might not be safe to work around your actors. Wolf can—” “‘Wolf’ does not look like my star. That one looks at least fundamentally like my star.” Jabbing his finger at Rebel’s box. Rebel tensed, watching the hostile motion with narrowed eyes. “You guaranteed me a ...
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