Ramon Higgins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 32

Enter the fantasy world of an unexpected encounter between a Dragon Prince and a 13-year-old farm boy!Dragon heir Dracor and 13-year-old Jacen Finley meet in Ashen forest under life-and-death circumstances. Having flown to human land to recover his dead brother's body on a secret mission, Dracor is shot in its wing by terrified people. Fatally injured, he plummets into a gargantuan spider web where a monstrous spider waits to devour him. In that moment, Dracor must choose between putting aside his hatred for humans and being eaten alive by another predator.Jacen Finley is an animal lover and has always dreamt of meeting a dragon. His dream comes true when he meets Dracor. Although the dragon is nowhere close to Jacen's fantasy of a majestic fire-breathing dragon, Jacen risks his life to save the giant lizard.After Dracor's narrow escape and Jacen's valient attempt to free Dracor, both ...
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