Glenda Manus
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 248

The same characters that readers have come to know and love in Sweet Tea and Southern Grace and Lighting the Way continue to live on in High Tide at Pelican Pointe. The story once again begins in the quaint little town of Park Place, nestled in the heart of the Olde English District of South Carolina. We find the good Reverend Rock Clark and his very pregnant wife, Liz, making preparations to go on the much anticipated annual beach vacation with Rock's large family, leaving the busyness of his growing congregation behind under the care of a fresh out of seminary aspiring preacher.Miss Edie has graciously offered Rock and Liz ten days in her beach house with three of the days all by themselves before the rowdy Clark clan joins them for their yearly pilgrimage to the sea. After three glorious days alone, Liz is a little overwhelmed by all the drama and activity of a large family, but it ...
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