Lorena Dove
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 175

Can a young Italian widow win the love of a Nordic cowboy in time to save the only thing she loves?1892 Passionate and stubborn, Italian-born Giovanna from Calabria is beautiful, committed to her family, and honest to a fault. Newly widowed, Giovanna must find a way to help her sick daughter, Rosa, before she loses the only one she loves.Hard-working, reserved and practical, Laars has broken with his Norwegian family to start his own claim in South Dakota. While Laars may think he can do it alone with his cool demeanor and devoted work ethic, in his heart he knows he needs and wants a wife. But is he ready for the sacrifices it takes to lead a ready-made family?How will Giovanna and Laars be able to forge a life together if they are more devoted to their own needs than to each other? In this sweet historical romance, Book One in the Sweet Land of Liberty Brides series, Lorena Dove ...
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