Sarah Dean
Publisher: Loco Media
Pages: 31

Feng Shui Guidelines for Better Homes and OfficesFeng shui is an ancient tradition used in providing harmony in homes and different buildings. It originated from China but is now widely practiced all over the world. Although some people believe that Feng shui is purely superstitious, the guidelines of modern Feng shui are practical and effective in providing harmony.Practicing Feng shui is very fun. Some people hire Feng shui experts to look into problem areas in their homes. While this is an effective way to know which areas of the house or office needs to be corrected, hiring Feng shui experts can cost a lot of money thus not everyone can afford professional Feng shui consultations. However, knowing the basic Feng shui guidelines can help you remove most of sources of bad energies in your home or office. This is a better alternative than hiring the services of expensive Feng shui. ...
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