Lynn B. Connor
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 25

HAPPY 105th BIRTHDAY, March 28, Toko Shinoda. Toko's life is a story of determination and daring to be different. When Toko grew up in Japan a century ago, girls were expected to marry and take care of the home. Instead, Toko made art her life. She rebelled against the strict rules of the traditional Japanese calligraphy her father insisted she study. Today at 104, she still uses the traditional brush and black ink she learned to write with as a child, but creates images from her heart. Her art is found in homes and museums around the world. The book is illustrated with examples of the evolution of Toko's art from traditional calligraphy to abstract impressionism - the images from her heartWhile this is a picture book for grades 3-6, it will appeal to older students, parents and teachers.
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