Saraah Sowell
ASIN: B013KC116G
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Pages: 59

Will she find love the way she wanted?Emma, a young woman of marrying age, lives amongst family and friends she's known her whole life. The Pinecraft Amish Community is her home, her way of life, and her vision of the future. She's an only child, born of stoic parents, who love and adore the young woman, but expect her to marry and begin a family.Alan is somewhat reserved, but with a silent, inner strength that draws Emma's attention. His mysterious ways may be hiding more than a quiet, demur attitude, as the young man seeks to prove himself and be his own man. Still, there is another who has eyes for Emma, the preacher’s son, Brett. He is the mirror opposite of Alan, being loud, jovial, and has even been branded as a troublemaker. Who will she choose? How can she choose? Her life and her future are hinged to the most important decision she will ever make.Explore a community, not of ...
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