Sagit Cohen
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 19

Young children look up to their parents for advice and guidance, but not all children know just how their mothers came to be who they are or were. This little book was written for children who may never have gotten the opportunity to learn about their mothers and who they were. Written with sincerity and warm-heartedness, it is a tale that explains why mothers make the best role-models for their children. After all, women with years of real-life experience are usually the wisest and, therefore, make the best guides.The wonderful short story, accompanied by beautiful illustrations, is aimed at children aged five to nine-years-old and will help them to see their mothers for who they truly were; wise, guided, moral and ever-loving. It also serves as a way to initiate discussions with children about their mothers. Most of all, it supports the concept that for most mothers there’s no ...
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