Graham Masterton
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Pages: 432

Women always fall in love with Henry T. Roberts. But only one of them – Augusta Pierce – is determined enough to follow him all the way across the American continent when he leaves in pursuit of his destiny.Immense fortunes are being made from silver mining in Colorado, with millionaires springing up overnight.Henry’s always been uncannily lucky, but with only a few dollars to his name and the deeds to a worked-out cave, it’s hard to see how he’ll ever realise his dreams.As he follows his fortune, Henry must face up to the temptations and terrible guilt which almost destroy him. The guilt of betraying a devoted woman, and the guilt of being a thousand times richer than he ever deserved…'Silver' is a masterful historical epic that combines meticulous research with brilliant story-telling. Praise for Graham Masterton:‘One of the most original and frightening storytellers of ...
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