Romi Brenner
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 214

Romi Brenner is back from the front lines of working motherhood with more gems such as how not to go to a video conference, why two months' notice is required before hosting a play date, how to decimate a glowing reputation with your company in one business trip, and why you shouldn't take tired children out to a restaurant. Even if it means you have to go home and make them cat food for dinner. Or bark chips. From the domestically challenged author of Please Tell Me I'm On Mute comes another collection of stories about the blissful madness that is parenthood. If you've ever spent half an hour picking play dough out of dinosaur teeth or made a small child cry because you served them lunch on the wrong plate, if you haven't gone through a whole day without someone else using your shirt as a napkin or remember when last you made it through a shower without an audience, then this is your ...
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