Leo Tiago
ASIN: B0149FZT34
Publisher: Leo Tiago
Pages: 68

Discover the Never Been Heard of Secrets of How Successful People Manage Their Lives and Stay SuccessfulAs a reader of over HUNDREDS of self-help books, I promise that Managing Personal Development is MUST READ, and WILL Change your Thinking and Life after it.Do you know that in order to become successful, you have to set up your life for success very specifically? Many people have already tried, but still fail without this knowledge.Here's what you will Learn:- Learn the Secret of Setting Yourself up for Success- Reduce any Excessive Stress You Have- Keep your Life Well-Organized and Balanced- Get your Life in Order Mentally- Acquire a Successful and Growth Mindset- Change your view on Life Decisions- Develop Personal Achievements- Discover the Path to Success and How- Understand how Important Life Management is- How Highly Effective People get Things Done- Maintain a position for ...
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