Alex O'Connell
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 82

Calico Jack is the story of the first and greatest of the children in darkness of the eternal vampire of the ages Ruxandra cel Rău, the famous pirate Captain John Rackham. Follow Calico Jack from his childhood home in England to his hunting grounds in the Caribbean Sea and be terrified as Ruxandra bestows her greatest gift upon him, the vampire’s kiss.Meet Jack’s lovers Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the only women known to have served on an eighteenth-century pirate ship, and be astonished by their amazing histories. Join Calico Jack and Ruxandra as they usurp the tyrannical Captain Charles Vane and take his ship, Ranger, as their own.O’Connell takes the known historical facts and disregards them in a particularly cavalier fashion as suits his purposes. He entwines what’s left with the legend of Ruxandra cel Rău, the daughter of Jack/Mihnea, the Whitechapel Vampire, and the granddaughter of ...
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