David Colworth
ASIN: B014FV238Q
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Pages: 116

It's England in the early 1970s. A weary nation engulfed by strikes, power cuts and endless economic crisis. The Beatles are gone, the Swinging 60s are a distant memory and the music scene is moribund. But help is on its way - far out in space, Ziggy Stardust is coming to save Planet Earth ! Read how a teenage fan follows Bowie from obscurity to international stardom, with a fascinating account of how he came face to face with Bowie just weeks before his breakthrough, at a crucial point in his career. Meet David Bowie before he became famous : warm, down-to-earth and humourous, a world away from the glacial, unattainable superstar he was soon to become. This is the true story of the boy in the bright blue jeans who jumped up on the stage to join Bowie and his band, a poignant tale of how one young fan achieved his dream - and played Ziggy's guitar !
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