Sergio Novikoff
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 102

This multi-purpose English-Russian phrasebook has every chance to become a powerful tool for making friendly contacts among Russian-speaking people. Being cozily conventional, it still has a special savor. Apart from just being helpful when you face the problem of expressing a thought in the foreign language, it will also make your speech stylish and unobtrusively impressive. Despite their utmost efficiency, all the phrases are absolutely understandable for any kind of an interlocutor and far from being phonetically challenging to you. To make enunciating them even easier, we have provided a simple but complex transcription for each phrase. Whatever the purpose and the subject of your conversation is, whoever you are talking to, all you have to do is just find the necessary section according to the situation and make maximum use of the expressions offered to you. The book contains the ...
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