Praying Medic
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 51

Drawing upon scenes from the popular film American Sniper, Praying Medic gives readers a look inside the mind of a well-prepared kingdom soldier. Relying on the use of analogy and symbolism, the author compares the life of a Navy SEAL to the life of a believer. The book closely follows the script of the film. With each scene the author illustrates principles of spiritual warfare, drawing from his own life experiences and from many spiritual dreams he’s had. The goal of this book is to help believers assess their state spiritual preparedness and identify any deficiencies they might have. Resources are recommended for further training and equipping, if needed.Because so many lives have been devastated by the kind of emotional trauma portrayed in the film, the last chapter includes a simple approach to healing emotional trauma that can be used by virtually anyone. Whether you’re in a ...
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