Kimberly Bates
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Recovering from Divorce is Not Easy and Speedy, But You can Get Through This!Recovering from a divorce is definitely hard, but nobody said it would be easy. That’s what loving entails and the hurt after loving someone is the common reason why a lot of people swear off love and marriage as a whole. However, for those who have loved and hurt could attest to the beauty and happiness of loving and being loved, that’s why many people too keep falling in love over and over again.As many mental health professionals would tell you there is no easy and speedy way to recover from divorce. You have to let the natural process take over. Suppressing the hurt and anger won’t get you anywhere, nor is wallowing in tears and self-pity a healthy reaction too. Far worse is, turning to drugs and alcohol to make you forget.Now, if there is no easy and speedy way to recover from divorce then what is ...
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