S.W. Develin
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 32

Ever since the Dawn of Time, or at least for the last couple of years anyway, the Forces of Doom have tried to destroy Emily Spellmaker, the Good Little Witch. Now they may finally succeed – by sending Emily to Manhattan to stay with her big sister, who is cooler than Emily in every possible way. In addition to being an Evil Witch, Brittany Spellmaker runs the most important fashion blog in New York. But Emily has a secret weapon – the world’s only pair of Merlino-BLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAVITZZZZZZZZZZZZ boots, which she wears proudly as she closes a Broadway play on opening night, turns Fifth Avenue on its head, and launches the Battle of Central Park Zoo with an army of ferocious Red Pandas. If Emily and Brittany survive each other, they may just find out being sisters isn’t really so bad. A short story for middle-grade readers from The Chronicles of Emily Spellmaker, In No Particular Order.
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4.5 stars from 32 ratings
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