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# 1 BEST SELLER We all lead a very busy life. Work, kids, life commitments and no matter how busy we all have eat.Take out gets old and boring, can be hard on the pocket book and honestly isn’t the most healthy for you and your family.You want to eat better and SLOW COOKER COOKBOOK: 30 healthy, money saving recipes. is the answer to your culinary desire.Within this cookbook you will find 30 healthy, money saving slow cooker recipes that will satisfy your family night after night. This cookbooks will answer the question you asked on your wedding day, “What are we going to do with all these slow cookers and crock pots." This book will not only answer that question, but will provide you healthy, hearty meals, soups, stews and keep your family budget on track!Simple to follow recipes, just add the ingredients, set the timer and walk way till dinner time. It really is that easy! These ...
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