Nish Blaze
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 137

Cannabis Cookbook: Tasty Marijuana Infused Dessert Recipes is full of delicious treats and snacks that are easy-to-make and enjoy!Brought to you by Nish Blaze, a medicinal marijuana patient living in the state of California, who wanted to find alternative methods to consuming cannabis for it's health and therapeutic benefits, compared to the traditional "smoking" option. This book provides insight to the history of cooking with cannabis, what health benefits can be experienced from this natural medicine, types of ailments that can be remedied from the marijuana plant. Information on consumption and how ingesting differs to smoking. How quality and strain selection of marijuana impacts the type of effects you will feel from eating cannabis infused foods.As well as our exclusive cannabutter recipe, which has been perfected and tested for many years, giving you the proper dosage ...
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