Brian W. Foster
ASIN: B014PSF976
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 110

For August “Auggie” Asher, life is good. As an army major, he travels the countryside tracking outlaws and generally avoiding any responsibility for running his father’s duchy, especially the part about providing an heir. Women are great—as long as they don’t want any commitment. But when he meets one who needs a hero, his sense of duty forces him to confront conflicting desires.Alaina hates being a fugitive. She’s left her friends and family behind and can’t trust anyone. Worse, she’s always looking over her shoulder for the catcher who will have her executed. Maybe she should just do the right thing and turn herself in. If only she could find the courage.After Alaina is imprisoned by the catcher, Auggie rescues her, thinking her capture an act of vengeance against him. When he learns that she’s guilty, his duty is clear—have her executed. Both Auggie and Alaina ...
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