Charlene Bright
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 178

He wanted a simple life…Apparently, there would be no peace for cowboy Garrett Woodward, though he lived on the top of the mountain outside Courage, Montana, steering clear of social situations. But Garrett gets shoved into the role of sheriff when Courage’s 20-year veteran sheriff goes missing, only to then be blamed for his murder. For a man as well liked as Garrett, he’s floored when the entire town turns against him and refuses to search for more clues. Making one last ditch effort, Garrett decides to visit an old friend to call in a favor and finds himself in a completely different kind of trouble, this time involving his heart.She was there to solve a mystery…But Shakota Clearwater welcomed the opportunity to explore life off the Crow Nation reservation. She longed for more excitement in her life, and using the tracking skills she’d honed since early childhood would ...
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