Cyrus J. Zachary
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 86

True Holocaust Survivor Stories Of The Liberators Of Auschwitz: Accounts Of The Holocaust RescuersGet Your FREE BONUSES When You Grab This Book!Every so often, an event happens that yanks the reigns of the ever-churning machinery of time and stops the world in its tracks. The repercussions of such an event may send shock waves that can be felt in every nook and corner of our sphere. These events and happenings will vary in the actual magnitude, but their lasting effect can be immeasurable in the manner they influence humanity till posterity. One such event for instance, was the Holocaust. During the course of which a staggering 11 million unarmed and helpless men, women and children were slaughtered mercilessly by the Nazis and their collaborators. And the most shocking and brutal fact was that this number included more than 6 million Jews. Suffice to say that the actions of the Nazis ...
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