Mahogany Star
ASIN: B014V9O5J2
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 248

What if you had the life that every woman dreams of? You have beauty, brains and street smarts, a lethal combination. A rich husband and friends you can trust. Life could not have dealt you a better hand of cards. Then the deck of cards that you have had built your whole world upon, begins to fold. Your dream has become a nightmare, and you are starting to wonder if things are ever what they seem. From an early age, Giselle (Gigi) forms a bond with a few girls from her neighborhood that share her good looks and her quest for the dollar bill. Shelby is bold, beautiful and a true fashionista, while Mo is gorgeous low key and smart. Simone, is drop-dead gorgeous, determined and driven. The local hustlers are always willing to spend their money on the girls, but after Gigi loses someone close to her to the game, she finds what she considers is a better way into a life of fabulousity. She ...
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