Brett Bacon
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 193

Imagine you live next door to the "neighbor from hell." And then imagine what might happen if the neighbor from hell is the most powerful person in the world-- the President of the United States! This is the comic premise behind the movie script: "The President's Neighbor."Race car driver Spruce Davis’s home life is shattered when the President of the United States, Maria Luna Clark takes over all of the land surrounding Spruce’s remote, mountaintop homestead to build a new Presidential Retreat. The President does not want any neighbors, and the federal government pressures Spruce to give up the property that has been in his family for over 200 years. And to make matters worse, Spruce likes the President's daughter, Eva Davis, and the President does not approve.If you enjoy adult, raunchy humor, then you will love this adult comedy movie script!This modern "David versus Goliath" story ...
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